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7 razones Todo el mundo necesita un seguro de título
Tamaño: 8.5x11 Papel: 80 # Brillo Texto 1 lateral, a todo color
Tarjeta del estante inmobiliaria
Tamaño: 4.5x11
Papel: # 100 Gloss Cubierta
2 caras, a todo color

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Rack Cards

Description: Consider a rack card your 21st century brochure. Consumers don’t want to read pages of content or take home stacks of paper. ALTA’s rack cards are packed full of information about the benefits of title insurance in a handy, two-sided, half-sheet rack card.  
Recommended Use: Replace all of your current brochures with these rack cards. Easy to customize and quick to print, ALTA’s rack cards are the perfect item to keep with you for any real estate function. 

Spanish Language Suite